Accurate Solutions Mission
Statement & Core Values

Our mission is to ensure the best relationship with our client, both during and after their goal have been met using solution and service provided by us. We always try to exceed customer expectations by implementing successful, cost effective process control solutions that adds value to our customers’ business operations.

Commitment to Safety

We value the safety and health of our customers, contractors and employees, as well as the safe and compliant operation of our customers’ facilities. We will always put safety first. Safety is fundamental to our designs and programming, and to our conduct in any facility.

Delivering Value

Our extensive experience, unique skill set, competitive pricing and a commitment to help our customers, in optimizing their operations, combine to create uncommon value. We strive to create long term relationships with our customers by consistently delivering this value.


We will conduct our business with professionalism, integrity and with a focus on responding to customer needs. We will promptly respond to customer questions, concerns and operating issue


We endeavor to find the most effective solution for each customer by applying our extensive experience and our thorough understanding of available controls technologies in the most ACCURATE ways. We believe in nurturing talent, and keeping skills current with relevant training.

About Accurate Solutions

About Accurate Solutions

Helping our customers achieve their operational goals by implementing innovative industrial process control and automation solutions with state of the art technologies.

Accurate Solutions provides customized process automation and control solutions for a broad range of industries. Accurate Solutions strives to offer the very best industrial control system integration services and products. We specialize in PLC programming, Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming and motion control applications.

Accurate Solutions has years of experience in a broad range of industries, including: Power / Utility Generation, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Textile and Cement industries. Our team has provided successful results for various types of projects.

From conceptual design and consultation through system development, commissioning and support, we provide you with innovative control and automation solutions to keep optimum performance of your systems. Our automation solutions improve efficiency and quality, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help you achieve your operational goals by implementing innovative automation solutions with state of the art technologies.

Our Mission

To consistently exceed customer expectations by implementing successful, cost effective process control solutions that add value to our customers’ business operations.

Our Offering

Complete control system integration capabilities with numerous PLC / HMI / SCADA / DCS technologies.
Fast project turnaround with minimal project lead times.

Custom-designed solutions using non-proprietary hardware and software.

Robust, open control systems that accommodate expansion, modification, and integration into existing platforms and systems. Thoroughly documented solutions, including our programming, control panels and wiring, Customized training programs

IIOT Based Automation Solution

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) acquire and analyse data from connected assets, locations and people to act upon insights at the industrial edge. You can deliver faster data insights to drive greater business value with edge computing.

  • Real Time Assest Monitoring
  • Connected Operational Intellegence
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Conclusion

Industrial Automation Systems and Solutions

The word 'Automation' is derived from ancient Greek words where 'Auto' mean Self and 'Matos' means Moving, therefore a mechanism which moves by itself or is self-dictated is called automated system. A complete automation solutions provided to an industry are called industrial automation solutions. Your search for the best industrial automation companies in India ends here.

Our innovative approch towards automation solutions are unique and is our USP. We have capabilties to develop a complete solution from concept to commissioning.

When it comes to Industrial Automation, there arises the use of control systems such as computers (PCs/PLCs/DCS) or robots, and information technology for handling different processes and machineries in an industry.

Solutions for Electrical System
and panels upto 33KV

We offers complete solution for instrumentation and sensor for all your industrial need with high quality engineering and products range

  • Engineering and Designing
  • Power Distribution panels
  • Industrial Network / Communication
  • Complete setup of substation

Software Development

  • PLC Software
  • HMI/SCADA Software
  • VFD

Instrumentation and Sensors

We offers complete solution for instrumentation and sensor for all your industrial need with high quality engineering and products range

  • ABB Instrumentation
  • Omicron
  • IPF

PLC, HMI, VFD repairing service

We have expertise in repairing all kind
of PLCs, HMIs, VFDs.

Erection, Installation and
Commissioning Services

We can be your partner for successful execution of your complete project by offering our commissioning services

  • Cable Laying and Termination
  • Installation of electrical and control panels
  • Complete start-up and shutdown support

Control Spares


  • Spare for VFDs
  • Spare for PLCs
  • Spare for DCS
  • Spare for Switchgear


We offer innovative automation solutions to various indus-tries in order to achieve and meet the customer require-ment. We provide platform independent engineering service with expertise on Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi etc.

Electrical and Control Panels

  • PLC based control panels
  • VFD panels
  • Distribution panel
  • DG synchronization and load sharing panels
  • Marshaling panels
  • Junction boxes
  • Bus ducts
  • And any kind of customized requirement

PLC Systems

  • ABB - AC500, AC500 Eco, HMI
  • Siemens - S71200, S71500, S7300, S7400
  • AB - Compact Logix, Controllogix

HMI / SCADA Systems

  • ABB - Xenon
  • Siemens - WINCC, TIA
  • AB - FT View SE

VFD Based Solutions

  • ABB

Motor Control Centres

  • Coinventional
  • Intelligent


Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Routine Checkup of Control System
  • Checking Healthiness of SCADA Systems
  • Panel Wiring Check
  • Data / Software backups

Software Development

  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming
  • SCADA software development
  • VFD programming

Site Commissioning

  • Cold commissioning
  • Hot Commissioning
  • Site Acceptance Test
  • Performance Test
  • Project Handover Activity

Commissioning Services

  • Cold Commissioning
  • Hot Commissioning
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • Performance Test
  • System Upgradation

After Sales Service

  • On Call Support
  • Spares Supply
  • PLC/HMI Troubleshooting
  • Electrical/Instrument Troubleshooting


  • Operator Training
  • Engineer Training
  • PLC/HMI Training
About Accurate Solutions

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